The future of global philanthropy

How is philanthropy responding to global challenges?

There is a need and opportunity for strategic philanthropy to drive large scale social change. Solving intractable problems requires philanthropy, government and business sectors working effectively together. But philanthropy’s impact is held back by a lack of data, research, and analysis and, at times, leadership.

This webinar, hosted by Alliance Magazine in partnership with Crescent Enterprises on September 8th 5-6.15pm (Gulf Standard Time) will discuss new research on the future of philanthropy and will examine how  philanthropists around the world are responding to current global challenges. 
Topics to be discussed will include:  

  • Why is data on philanthropy so patchy? What is needed and who should supply it?
  • What is needed to foster better collaboration within philanthropy and between philanthropy and other sectors?
  • How can philanthropy harness faith-based giving and direct it more strategically in solving social problems?
  • Are today's philanthropists providing the leadership the times demand?


  • Badr Jaafar
    Founder of Pearl Initiative, CEO of Crescent Enterprises and COP28 Special Representative on Business & Philanthropy
  • Rohini Nilekani
    Founder and chairperson of Arghyam Foundation and Director of EkStep
  • Laurence Lien
    Chairman of Lien Foundation and CEO of Asia Philanthropy Circle
  • Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe
    Co-founder and CEO of The Motsepe Foundation and CEO of African Fashion International


This is an external event hosted by Alliance, in partnership with Crescent Enterprises. Register here.   
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