Philanthropy for systems change

Beyond the bandaid

When philanthropic capital is deployed in a strategic manner, it has the potential to deliver transformational social change and go beyond the bandaid of traditional charity work.

In this exclusive online session, Dina Sherif, executive director at the Legatum Centre for Entrepreneurs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will unpack how strategic philanthropic investments can catalyse positive, impactful change, tackle complex social issues, and fund sustainable solutions that address root causes to enable systems change in action.

She will be joined by the CEOs of three Legatum-backed initiatives: Nick Grono, from The Freedom Fund, the world’s first private donor fund dedicated to tackling slavery: Ellen Agler, from the End Fund, a philanthropic fund dedicated to ending neglected tropical diseases (NTDs): and Caitlin Baron, from the Luminos Fund, an education nonprofit providing  transformative education programmes to thousands of out-of-school children globally.

All four speakers will share insights from their extensive careers in the nonprofit sector, providing examples of how giving can be a powerful force for shaping equitable and resilient systems as well as exploring the importance of scale and collaboration when delivering meaningful and lasting impact.


  • Dina Sherif
    Executive director, Legatum Centre for Entrepreneurs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Nick Grono CEO, The Freedom Fund
  • Ellen Agler CEO, The END Fund
  • Caitlin Baron
    CEO, Luminos Fund


If you would like to attend this online session, please contact Amreen Vadsaria: